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Jardine Re International, Inc. is a Reinsurance Broker established on January 16, 1998 in Miami, Florida, U.S.A. by Richard Guillermo Da Silva Jardine. Our firm is licensed by the State of Florida and operates in accordance with the provision of the Florida Department of Financial Services. We provide technical assistance to our clients by placing their reinsurance business with professionally classified reinsurers in the international market.

Jardine Re also provides its professional capacity to insurance companies writing Surety business. Not only in reinsurance operations, but also in assessment with regards to the concepts and basic principles of guarantees contracted by international practice.

Our main office is located in Miami, Florida, which permits us to maintain close contact with our Latin American and Caribbean markets. We also have an office in Caracas, Venezuela, addressing all business emanating from that country. In Ecuador we have a representative who handles all of our business originating from that territory.
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